Gjuhë Angleze – Kurse verore për fëmijë

Gjuhë Angleze – Kurse verore për fëmijë

Course Information

*The course will be held four (4) days a week / 90 minutes per day. The class will include grammar, theory, four skills activities, practice, conversations, role play, presentations, in and outdoor activities, regular homework tasks, weekly progress tests / practice, class magazine, photo display, competitive quizzes.

Student Learning Outcomes

After the course, students will be able to:

Introduce themselves and others

Use simple phrases

Get the outcome from a reading material

Tell stories using appropriate pitch and intonation

Name the animals and describe them

Name seasons, talk about the weather and tell what clothes they wear during different seasons.

Talk about houses, name their rooms and some of their objects

Show their feelings and understand others’ feelings

Talk about food and tell simple recipes

Describe everyday activities and talk about their own daily activities

Identify shapes and sizes; describe and compare them

Talk about community helpers, their jobs and duties

Talk about transportation and identify different transport means.

Çmimi për fëmijët e moshës 6-9 vjet: 23 €

Çmimi për fëmijët e moshës 10-14 vjet: 25 €

Kohëzgjatja: 15 orë nga 90 min

Phone: 045 88 11 00 / 049 88 11 01
Fax: 038 243 935 / 6
10000 Prishtinë Kosovë
Abdyl Frasheri nr.24

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